Landscape Lighting: Low Voltage Transformers

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Most people don’t think about landscape lighting design very often. They rarely consider the possibilities, hardly ever wonder about their options, and probably don’t give lighting components a second thought.

Until the time comes to transform their outdoor spaces by creating a custom landscape lighting design.


Once that happens, you start wondering about the best way to lay out your lights. You wonder whether you’ll have enough light in one space, or too much in another. You might also wonder whether you really need a lighting transformer, or even, what low voltage transformers are.


You’re in the right place, because if you need a lighting transformer, you probably need a TopNotch transformer.

What Are Low Voltage Transformers?

Usually, the voltage that the lights, appliances and other items inside your home use is 120 volts, which is the standard voltage for current that comes out of your outlets.

Landscape lighting, however, is designed to use a much lower voltage – usually between 12 and 15 VAC.

The voltage supplied to any piece of electrical equipment, including lighting, televisions or appliances needs to match the voltage that item uses to operate. When they don’t match, equipment like low voltage transformers is used to “step down” the power, so that it can be used by the item in question.

If low voltage transformers were not used in this way for things like Landscape Lighting, the equipment simply would not work, and it could be very dangerous.


How Are Low Voltage Transformers Used for Landscape Lighting?

When your landscaper or designer is creating an outdoor lighting design, they will usually include a low landscape lighting transformer in the design. This piece of equipment will be wired to the 120 volt power supply, it will step the power down, and then that adjusted voltage power will be used to power your lights.

Most low voltage transformers, including our TopNotch transformers, can be used to power several different lights. So, you usually only need one for each lighting design.

Who Should Install Your Landscape Lighting Transformer?

As with any kind of electrical installation, a low voltage transformer for landscape lighting should only be installed by a licensed electrician. It can be very dangerous if equipment like this is not installed correctly.

Qualified and licensed electricians will also know exactly what kind of wiring and fittings to use to and from your low voltage transformer, and how to properly ground and protect the whole system.Often, landscapers will assist the electrician by placing the light fittings and fixtures as per the lighting plan, but the final connection and testing should always be left to a professional. This also ensures that your outdoor lighting will meet code, and that you won’t be cited for any installation violations.

Which Low Voltage Transformer Do You Need?

There’s no one size fits all lighting design out there – and there’s no one size fits all solution for equipment like low voltage transformers.

The best way to ensure that you are getting the right size and type of equipment for your outdoor landscape lighting design is to work with an outdoor lighting expert and an electrician. They can ensure that you have the right size and quantity of all the equipment you need, and that the whole installation is safe and properly installed.

Landscape lighting systems can be a big investment, and the last thing you want is to use substandard equipment, resulting in the need for early repairs or replacement. Make sure you choose high quality products like our TopNotch transformers too – so you can start the whole project off on the right foot.

A great outdoor lighting system should work well, all year round, for many years to come, and with our quality products, yours will do exactly that.

Fast, Friendly, Professional Advice and Service 

We’re proud to supply a full range of high quality, fully compliant low voltage transformers. Whether you’re just starting to design your outdoor lighting system or have a full lighting design plan ready to go, we’re always happy to help.

Contact our team of landscape lighting professionals to get the best advice about the right kind of lighting, low voltage transformers, switches, and power saving options. We’re always ready to provide product information, design tips and more, and we’re ready to work with you or your landscape contractor.

Creating the perfect outdoor lighting system is about more than the lights themselves. You can trust TopNotch transformers to keep your lights working at their peak, and for years of reliable, trouble and maintenance free service.


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