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Here's a quick math question for you: What does over 20 years of experience, 9,763 successfully installed, serviced, and repaired lawn irrigation systems, and just as many satisfied customers add up to? The answer is unparalleled insight. As a professional irrigation technician in Orange County, California, I've had the privilege of working on countless properties over the past two decades and seeing how the various options on the market stack up first-hand.


Given that not everyone has equal time to spare, I thought it would be helpful to share what I've learned in this blog post.

Drip Irrigation Systems

For the uninitiated, drip Irrigation is a process of watering plants in a controlled manner, allowing water to flow slowly and directly to the plant roots. This is an efficient way of watering outright because it conserves water and ensures that only the necessary amount of water reaches each plant.


But with that being said, not all drip irrigation systems are created equal. Far from it in fact. You need more than just the tangible parts that these products consist of - any old tubes and fittings won't do the job well, or at least not reliably.


That's why I'm very selective about the parts I use when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair or installing drip irrigation networks and prioritize buying from reputable brands. Some may be a higher cost upfront, but that certainly pays off in the long run when you're not having to revisit faulty connections time and time again.


My Recommendation


In almost every case, the Rainbird Subsurface Drip .9gph proves itself to be the best option for my landscaping projects. And frequently used when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair. This patent-pending product is both flexible and made to last. Tube rolls with Copper Shield™ Technology are even more resilient to the elements, ideal for use in both sub-surface turf and sub-surface shrub applications. Choosing a high-quality drip irrigation line like this from the get-go ensures that I'm able to provide a quality irrigation system for my clients that will last them for years. Plus, its pressure-compensating emitter design creates a consistent lateral flow over a wide pressure range of 8.5 to 60 psi. That's particularly valuable for larger systems that water more ground surface area.

Wifi Irrigation service controller Orange County CA |  Hawaiian Gardens


Wi-Fi Controllers


It's impossible to ignore the buzz surrounding Wi-Fi-enabled or 'smart' sprinkler controllers out there right now. Especially like many technicians out there in Orange County installing them when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair. Homeowners and pros alike see them as the next step forward in irrigation, effectively catching backyard watering systems up with IoT device-filled homes. The technology is very promising to those who have grown to hate manually dragging out hoses to water their lawns and flowerbeds.


But even though the idea of an automated, Wi-Fi-controlled sprinkler system is appealing, there are a few things you should know before taking the plunge into this emerging market. Just like a video doorbell or smart speaker, Wi-Fi controllers require a reliable connection. Additionally, many of the models on the market now are still in their infancy and may come with compatibility issues or glitches that could become a headache if not addressed before purchase.


My Recommendation


Amidst all the noise being made about Wi-Fi systems right now, I've personally only found one that really works - the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Built to control in-ground irrigation systems via a phone-based app, it quite literally puts control in your hands.Recommended by many technicians who do Orange County Sprinkler Repair. You can customize and schedule watering times, adjust for weather changes, and even monitor water usage in real-time.


The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller even integrates with Amazon Alexa and other smart home devices, making it easy to introduce into your existing set-up. Quick load times and a user-friendly interface further enhance my clients' experience with it.


The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is a great starting point for those looking to get into the automated home sprinkler game. It's currently in its third generation, and having been on board since the first, I can confidently say that things just keep getting better every-time even when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair.


Orange County Sprinkler Repair: Sprinkler Pop-ups and Shrub Adapters

Few property landscapes are entirely two-dimensional.You barley even see them especially when going to do  Orange County Sprinkler Repair. If you're like most people, chances are that you have some sort of shrubbery or foliage on your property. Sprinkler pop-ups and shrub adapted keep these plants watered and ensure that they receive just as much hydration as the lawns that surround them.


 My Recommendation


Shrub adapters seem insignificant, but their inclusion in an irrigation system can make a massive difference in how healthy a property looks mid-summer. When It's not a question of whether you need them, it's a question of which ones you need to purchase. To that end, I've tried and tested just about every product out there specifically when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair and can confidently say that the Rainbird 1800 Series is the best for any residential or commercial property - PERIOD. 


Its diverse offering of spray heads is intended to suit just about every height of plant, with two-inch, four-inch, six-inch, and 12-inch options available. Even within these multiple sizes, you have the option of further tailoring performance by way of several subseries options.


Having worked with Rainbird products for decades and use them on a daily basis when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair, there's no question in my mind when I install these that they will last. The 1800 Series fits seamlessly with most systems and operates with the same reliability as other products offered by its brand.

Irrigation Controllers


Okay, so maybe you're not ready to hop on the Wi-Fi train just yet. There are plenty of alternative ways to go about managing your sprinkler system's water flow - like a traditional irrigation controller. Once the standard of the trade, manual controllers are often just as precise and capable as their internet connected counterparts. The main difference is that they require a bit more work when it comes to setup, and in some cases can be harder for everyday homeowners to get the hang of.


With that being said though, many professionals I work with like the ones that do Orange County Sprinkler Repair, continue to prefer this type of controller for its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Remember, Rachio is great, but it also comes with a price tag!


Traditional controllers come in many shapes and sizes - from the traditional dials that have been around for years to more modern LCD interfaces. They're all designed to do essentially the same thing: control water flow. That can be as simple as telling it when to start and stop watering, or can include more complex settings like various soil types, wind conditions, and zone distances. All these factors combine to help you get the most out of your irrigation system.


My Recommendation


Out of all of the brands that manufacture irrigation controllers today, Hunter has got to be one of the best. This company boasts a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality systems that are both user-friendly and reliable. Used by many technicians who specialize in Orange County Sprinkler Repair. Whether you're a novice or an experienced professional, they offer a range of products to suit your needs.


I often use X-Core®, X2™, ICC2, HPC, Pro-HC, and I-Core®, but there are plenty more where those came from. Options are set apart by factors like material, configuration, compatibility, and intended application - just be sure to consider them all in connection with your use case before settling on any final decision.

Sprinkler Irrigation Valves

As the traffic cop of your sprinkler system, valves are essential to keeping your lawn and garden in tip-top shape. They regulate the flow of water to all of the heads, allowing you to control how much water gets delivered.


Sprinkler valves come as either manual or automatic models and can also be wired into a separate control panel. Manual valves are simple to use to technicians when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair and require no wiring while automatic valves require more complex installation. There is a wide range of models on the market today, each designed for different types of sprinkler systems to fit your Orange County Sprinkler Repair needs.


You may be thinking 'How complicated can a valve be?', but let me be the first to tell you that the answer is very. While they perform a simple enough function, irrigation valves need to be chosen carefully for the type of system to fit your Orange County Sprinkler Repair needs. Different valves are designed to handle different levels of pressure, flow rates, and water types. Bottom-of-the-barrel ones will malfunction quickly and can even be a hazard if they burst or leak.


My Recommendation


In a sea of competing sprinkler valves, the Rainbird ASV valve has never ceased to impress me when doing Orange county Sprinkler Repair or anywhere overall. It's a professional-grade component that's well-crafted and highly reliable. Heavy-duty construction with stainless steel screws and seals, along with doing simple Orange County Sprinkler Repair or installation process, make this valve the ideal choice for any sprinkler system.


The beauty of this irrigation valve is that it can be used with virtually any 24-volt AC irrigation timer and can be configured for either automatic or manual activation. That level of flexibility is hard to find in a landscape sprinkler product, let alone in tandem with the guaranteed performance of Rainbird. Perfect for Orange County Sprinkler Repair or Installing.


PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, pipes are like the highways of an irrigation system. Installed underground, they act as channels to bring water from a source to the plants that require it. PVC has long been the go-to material for irrigation applications with technicians when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair as it is resistant to corrosion and extremely durable, plus much more cost-effective than metal piping.

One thing average homeowners fail to realize though is that PVC can come in many different forms. Subvarieties of the material are designed with unique traits and properties to cater to different use cases. In irrigation specifically, you're going to want - scratch that, need - a pipe tough enough to not only withstand corrosion and temperature change, but also hard impact on a regular basis. Being underground or even sometimes exposed, no one can be sure what kind of maladies your irrigation system will have to endure.


My Recommendation


In my view, there's only really one option when it comes to shopping for PVC pipes, and that's schedule 40. Designed to handle four 40 kg of pressure, this type of pipe is much thicker and stronger than your standard material frequently used when we do Orange County Sprinkler Repair - I have seen shovels fail to break it. Classic 200 tubes are prone to splitting and cracking in a fraction of the time, meaning that any money you may have saved by going with these is quickly lost when your pipes start failing.


On top of its unmatched durability, schedule 40 PVC boasts an impressively long lifespan of 20-50 years, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your Orange County Sprinkler Repair or installation won't need to be replaced anytime soon. And if that weren't enough, the material also offers excellent resistance to environmental factors like UV radiation and corrosion.

Orange County Sprinkler Repair/Irrigation Jobs by City Over 20 years Professional Experience




New Installation



12 81 83  

Aliso Viejo 

32 115 65  

Buena Park

91 58 77  

Capistrano Beach 

51 12 21  

Corona Del Mar

5 78 95  

Costa Mesa 

41 45 21  


58 69 121  

Dana Point

65 51 54  

Foothill Ranch 

45 12 134  

Fountain Valley

42 142 124  


45 56 154  

Garden Grove 

54 116 136  

Hawaiian Gardens 

152 21 161  

Huntington Beach 

210 12 165  


148 84 156  

La Habra

118 78 87  

La Mirada 

116 91 84  

La Palma

112 112 122  

Ladera Ranch

42 135 12  

Laguna Beach

96 211 118  

Laguna Hills 

113 65 91  

Laguna Niguel 

45 95 113  

Laguna Woods 

12 65 54  

Lake Forest

78 54 134  


91 58 65  

Los Alamitos

66 57 45  

Midway City

95 58 95  

Mission Viejo

64 69 115  

Newport Beach

54 32 154  

Newport Coast

65 115 91  


64 198 78  


12 54 54  

Portola Hills 

98 78 98  

Rancho Santa Margarita

89 45 44  

San Juan Capistrano 

64 87 195  

Santa Ana

85 95 48  


75 95 95  


74 75 81  

Trabuco Canyon 

85 84 73  


64 95 91  


67 78 82  

Yorba Linda 

68 95 78  

Villa Park 

77 98 65  
Total 3140 3424 4029  

Spray Nozzles

Spray nozzles are essential parts of an irrigation system. They are responsible for delivering the water to the ground in a uniform manner and evenly distributing it over an entire area. Pick the wrong ones and you'll end up with spots of water and dry patches - the exact thing you're trying to avoid when doing Orange County Sprinkler Repair or installing sprinklers in the first place.


Spray nozzles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Some are designed for large areas while others are perfect for small ones. There are also adjustable options, although I urge people to steer clear of them as they can be quite unreliable especially for Orange County Sprinkler Repair.


My Recommendation

Out of all the things you consider when choosing a spray nozzle, consistency and pattern should be top of mind. It effectively determines how much value your entire irrigation system will bring. After years of first-hand experience, I can attest that the Rainbird MPR nozzle is the best by far.And have been used a-lot when it comes to Orange County Sprinkler Repair.


Despite facing stiff competition against popular Hunter, Orbit, and Krain models, this specific product delivers a combination of performance and reliability that can't be matched. Its unique design ensures maximum coverage and a fine mist of water, meaning you don't have to worry about wasting any.



If there's one thing Orange County - or every part of Southern California for that matter - has, it's hills. They're beautiful, but if I'm being completely honest, very annoying as an irrigation specialist. Most products available today are designed for flat landscapes, leaving those of us in Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine with run-off.


My Recommendation


The key to minimizing excess water accumulation in hilled areas lies in choosing a rotator that can deliver even water distribution in a variety of angles. I've worked with quite a few, but Hunter's MP Rotator reigns supreme. Not only does it allow the water to soak into the ground before becoming runoff, but it also uses very minimal pressure and can run much longer distances, making it ideal for any hill-filled region particularly for Orange County Sprinkler Repair.



Read as many online product reviews as you want, but there's no substitute for the experience of a professional irrigation specialist. Having worked with both residential and commercial systems for over 20 years, it's safe to say that I've done it all. Hopefully, this information has been helpful in your decision-making process. Just remember to always do your research, and whenever in doubt, reach out to a local expert who can help you make the most out of your lawn care efforts. With a little diligence and the right equipment, you'll be able to keep your property looking green year-round. For more information on Top Notch Irrigation services, and Orange County Sprinkler Repair click on the link.


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