How to Use Hardscape Lighting to Enhance Your Yard

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Hardscaping plays a big role in how attractive and liveable an outdoor space is. But so does its lighting - those lovely stairs and inviting patio of yours will be worthless if consumed by nighttime darkness. Luckily, there's hardscape lighting. This article will introduce you to it, go over its many types, and explain how you can incorporate it into your outdoor space.


What Is Hardscape Lighting?


As implied by the name, hardscape lighting is a type of exterior lighting specifically designed to be installed in and used within hardscapes—any man-made structures found in outdoor spaces, such as patios, walkways and retaining walls.


Hardscape Lighting is a popular way to create drama in outdoor spaces and increase security by illuminating entrances and other boundaries. It’s also an ideal solution for areas without vegetation, like driveways and garages. The light will bounce off the walls and other hard surfaces, enabling a softer but more even illumination that can’t be achieved with conventional bulbs or lanterns.


Hardscape Lighting is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to match any hardscape project. It can be installed as standalone fixtures or integrated into larger systems with multiple lights for more dramatic effects.

How Is Hardscape Lighting Different From Traditional Landscape Lighting?

Hardscape lighting, landscape lighting... potato potahto, right?


Not quite. While both are designed to illuminate and enhance outdoor spaces, hardscape lighting has a distinct purpose in illuminating hard surfaces, such as walkways, driveways, patios and other outdoor features. Fixtures are often set into the ground or built into structures like walls, making them permanent, less visible to the eye, and sometimes more complicated to install.


While traditional forms of landscape lighting can also be hard to set up, many products are standalone and require no more than a steak in the ground. In every case with hardscape lighting, you're drilling into concrete or masonry, and possibly wiring the fixtures into dedicated circuits.


Types of Hardscape Lighting

We've already established the one thing all hardscape lights have in common - hard surface illumination. Beyond that, products can be split up into several categories, and then further into various shapes, sizes, and styles. Read below for an overview of the biggest types to know.


Wall Lights

Wall lights are the most common type of hardscape lighting. They typically feature flat, rectangular frames mounted onto a wall or other vertical surface that will give off soft light in an area. These can be used on sides of buildings, staircases, and other areas that you want to highlight.


Path Lights

Path lights are used to illuminate a planar surface like a driveways or walkway. The first and foremost reason for their use is safety; path lights provide important visibility to property goers and visitors. On a more decorative note, path lights can also be used to draw more attention to walkways, paths, or their surrounding features.


Spot Lights

In a literal sense, spotlights are the most powerful type of hardscape lighting. They are designed to focus brightness in a single direction and usually throw a far distance. This creates a dramatic beam that can be angled differently for different effects. Spot lights are great for highlighting statues, trees, and other features of a property.

Post Lights

Post lights are most commonly used to provide additional lighting in areas that may be more difficult to reach with wall lights or pathlights (like stairs). They feature a tall upright light post attached by one or two arms on either side and give off soft illumination in an area- perfect for decks, gazebos, and outdoor patios.

Deck Lights

Deck lights are intended for decks but can also be used on steps or other outdoor surfaces like patios and porches. These lights are installed directly into the wood or stone of a surface to give off extra illumination right where you need it.


Step Lights

Step lights are installed directly within the individual steps of an outdoor staircase. Some come in strip form, while others fall into the category of well lights and require a hole to be cut into the step. Either way, they are an effective and attractive way to light a staircase.

Underwater Lights

Underwater LightsUnderwater lighting is great for those who want to feature the beauty of their pool, pond, or other water feature at night. Underwater products are built to withstand long-term submersion and produce an output bright enough to illuminate large and deep spaces.

 How Hardscape Lights Can Make Your Yard (and Life) Better

Hardscape lighting brings a different level of sophistication to an outdoor space. Sure, some lanterns here and there can give your property a nice feel, but they won't get the job done like these products can. Functional, beautiful, and practical, properly-installed hardscape lights have the potential to deliver their value multiple times over.


The primary purpose of outdoor lighting is to provide a safe and functional space for you and your family. Installing hardscape lights can help create pathways in the dark, illuminate areas where there are stairs or other hazards that may be difficult to see at night, and give you peace of mind knowing that any unexpected guests won't stumble around your property without being observed. Not only does this increase safety but also security as well as it makes it more difficult for burglars or other intruders to sneak around your house unnoticed.


Apart from the practical advantages, outdoor lights also have a unique ability to transform an ordinary space into something more magical and inviting. From traditional lanterns to modern LED lighting, there are so many unique options that can be used to create a beautiful scene and add a touch of style to your outdoor area.


Finally, hardscape lights are relatively inexpensive when compared with other home improvement projects. After purchasing the fixtures and having them installed, you will be enjoying your outdoor space for years to come with minimal maintenance.

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