Landscape Lighting In-Ground Well Lights: Upgrading Your Yard

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When it comes to landscape design, the power of uplighting can't be overstated. It's a simple yet incredibly impactful way to add visual interest to any space without risking being overwhelming. Not only that, but a good in-ground well light can deliver loads of value in terms of practicality. Read on as we explore this specific type of uplight, identify common places it's used outdoors, and go over some best practices and tips to keep in mind when incorporating them into your own yard.

What are In-Ground Well Lights?

In-Ground Well Lights are a type of outdoor lighting specifically designed for illuminating the an object or surface from below. They are installed below ground level, and aside from the light they emit, are not easily noticeable to the casual observer. 


In-ground well lights have a variety of uses, including outdoor pathways, accent lighting for gardens or landscape features, and security lighting. While aesthetics aren't necessarily a priority with this type of lighting product, you'll definitely find them in several different shapes and sizes.

Frames themselves are often made from PVC, aluminum, solid brass, or stainless steel. They're colored to blend in with natural surroundings, whether that's green foliage or a stone patio. Some people also choose to install in-ground lights that contrast their environment, such as metal frames against a wood fence.


How In-Ground Well Lights Work

The most common style of in-ground well light is the low voltage type, which uses a transformer to reduce standard household voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts. A low voltage system is often the preferred choice of homeowners because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation.


As for the bulbs themselves, in-ground well lights can be either incandescent or LED. Incandescent bulbs are the most economical option but they also produce more heat, so they can be a bit of a fire hazard. LED bulbs on the other hand require less wattage to produce the same amount of light and last much longer than incandescent bulbs.


A few other parts and systems are involved in making an in-ground system work. The typical setup requires not only lights, but also an outdoor rated junction box, cable splices, conduit and wire. The junction box houses the transformer and other electrical components needed to power the well lights. It is usually installed near or in the ground in an area that is away from foot traffic yet still accessible for maintenance purposes when needed.


Those who wish to control their lights can also invest in a light control system. There are many kinds out there, from simple on/off switches to more advanced motion sensor or time-based controllers. These can allow you to set up automated lighting scenarios that turn the lights on and off at certain times of the day or when movement is detected near them. An extra step and cost, but certainly worthwhile if you're looking to upstage your yard.


Where In-Ground Well Lights are Used

So, where can you find in-ground well lights? Per the name, these lights can be installed in virtually any spot below ground level. They are easiest to set up in dirt or mulch gardens, but plenty of homeowners and landscapers opt to make in-ground well lights a characteristic element of their patios, walkways, and balconies too.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most common places in which these fixtures are used outdoors:




Trees are beautiful as-is; nothing can replicate Mother Nature's distinct beauty and eye for detail.

That being said, incorporating in-ground well lights to highlight certain features of a tree adds an extra touch of glamour and gives guests something special to take away with them. In particular, these lighting fixtures are excellent for illuminating the trunk of a tree, while also casting shadowed details on the branches.


Flowers and Plants

The pinpoint beams of light created by in-groud well fixtures add depth to flower beds and planters. These lights are great for highlighting the unique colors of a plant's foliage, as well as adding dimension to a garden.


Pathways & Walkways

In-ground well lights are ideal for creating an illuminated pathway or walkway. The subtle lighting is just enough to provide guests with the visibility they need yet not so much that it is overwhelming.


Water Features


Water features make excellent use of in-ground well lights. The fixtures can be placed around the perimeter or in specific areas to emphasize the beauty of a waterfall or pond.



Although many columns are already dramatic in nature, they and similar architectural features can look even better when uplit.

Upgrading Your Yard With In-Ground Well Lights 

Installing in-ground well lights alone is sure to take your property's aesthetic up a notch. But what about a couple more notches? These extra tips and best practices can make everyday installations look even better:

Strategic Placement

You can buy the best in-ground well light in the world, but it won't achieve full emphasis unless it's placed in the right spot.

For example, you may want to position a fixture close to the base of a tree or other structure in order to bring out its best features. Similarly, the distance individual lights are placed from one another can have a big impact

on how they look. Experiment with distances to see what looks best for your particular application.


Varied Angles

Don't be afraid to experiment with different angles when installing your in-ground well lights. You want them to be as close to the ground as possible, but the direction they point in is flexible.


Quality Products

Lastly, the best way to ensure your landscape lighting system's quality is to shop with high standards top of mind. It's worth investing in quality products that will stand up to harsh weather, and selecting bulbs that provide the right amount of light.


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Uplighting has the capacity to make any outdoor space look better. In-ground well lights are a particularly practical option, too. Whether you're looking to create a focal point with an accent light or draw attention to your landscaping's finer details, Top Notch has a wide range of professional-grade products to choose from. Start shopping today!

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