Lawn Irrigation Sprinklers: The Benefits of Using Them

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You know what they say - the grass is always greener on the other side. But what about making your own greener? This isn't just a metaphor. It's an achievable goal that can be attained with the help of a good lawn irrigation sprinkler. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about these essential gardening tools, as well as how you can benefit from making them a part of your yard.


Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Irrigation Sprinklers

A lawn irrigation sprinkler is a device that is used to water lawns and gardens. It is usually connected to a water source and uses either a timer or manual control to distribute the water evenly across the lawn. Sprinklers come in many different types, such as rotary, impact, and oscillating irrigation systems. Each type of sprinkler has its own benefits and drawbacks. In any case, they all work to serve the common goal of keeping greenery well-watered throughout the growing season.

How Do Lawn Irrigation Sprinklers Work?

Lawn irrigation sprinklers work differently depending on their type. Here's a quick overview of how the three most common operate:


Rotary Irrigation Sprinkler

A rotary sprinkler uses a rotating head to spray water in an arc that covers a large area. It is the most common type of sprinkler and can cover up to 50 feet on each pass. The size of the arc can be adjusted to water different areas more or less.


Impact Irrigation Sprinkler

An impact sprinkler works by creating a pulsing spray that is dispersed in a circular pattern. Impact sprinklers are best for areas with uneven terrain since they can be easily adjusted for different heights.



An oscillating sprinkler moves back and forth across the lawn, spraying water as it goes. This type of sprinkler is best for small, flat areas since it covers a limited area and can be difficult to adjust.


Although they go about distributing water differently, all of these irrigation heads connect back to a main water source via pipes or hoses. They are installed into the ground using stakes, clamps or weights. More advanced systems incorporate the use of a timer and/or rain sensor that tells the sprinkler when to turn on and off automatically.

A Look at the Factors That Define a Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler


Just when you thought you were done learning about them, there are a couple of other really important things to know about lawn irrigation sprinkler heads before going further into the subject matter. The value that these components offer can vary depending on both trajectory and pattern.


In the context of lawn sprinklers, trajectory refers to the maximum distance at which a head shoots water. This is an important consideration when it comes to choosing products, as you don't want to end up with sprayers that either fail to cover the full breadth of your lawn - or ones that turn it into an overwatered mud puddle. The key is finding a balance between distance and quantity. There are plenty of trajectories available today, ranging from five to 15 feet of spray.



Sprinklers emit water according to various patterns. This is important to consider when planning your irrigation system, as it can affect the coverage of certain areas - or even be an issue in itself if you're not careful. A 90 ° spray covers a quarter circle section, while 180° covers a half and 270° coverage is three-quarters of a circle. A 360° spray provides an even all-round coverage, making it suitable for larger areas. Strips are generally used to cover narrow areas such as pathways or flower beds.

The Benefits of Installing Lawn Irrigation Sprinklers

There's no getting around the fact that you need to water your lawn on a regular basis - at least that is, if you want it to remain healthy and vibrant. But, instead of struggling with a hose or having to lug heavy watering cans around your lawn, why not invest in an irrigation system? Installing lawn sprinklers can save you tons of time and make caring for outdoor landscapes so much easier. We go through some of the best benefits below.


Ensures Efficient Water Usage

Water is a figuratively hot commodity, and an expensive one to say the least. That's why most homeowners want to do everything they can to limit their water wastage and manage what they do use in as efficient of a way as possible. While lawn watering may be considered a pricey luxury when done the traditional way, sprinkler heads make maintaining fresh, healthy grass throughout the summer affordable and achievable. They disperse water based on the needs of your lawn, ensuring that not an ounce is wasted.


Limits the Invasion of Weeds

Weeds and other unwanted plants are particularly fond of areas with poor irrigation. With a traditional hose or watering can, you may water some parts of your lawn more than others. This leads to patches of wet and dry soil, with the former being ideal for weed growth. Sprinklers save you from this problem by evenly distributing water across your lawn, creating an even balance so that any weeds growing in one area won't spread.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The best thing about using sprinklers is that they don't require any special skills or knowledge to install. As long as you have a basic understanding of how your sprinkler system works, it's pretty easy to do the job yourself. Most systems use simple snap-lock fittings that just need to be connected to the water supply, making installation a breeze.

Revitalizes Dead Patches of Lawn


This next benefit ties back to the value of watering altogether. Sprinkler heads reliably deliver the hydration your grass needs to stay healthy, regardless of how hot it may be outside. This is especially beneficial for those with irregularly shaped or larger-than-normal yards.



Prevents Sparse Growth


Everyone wants a thick, luscious front lawn - but not everyone gets one so easily. Some areas are particularly prone to sparse growth, especially when water is manually distributed in a hurry. Sprinkler systems can turn this issue around by consistently distributing exactly the right amount of water to any area that needs it; thus helping grass maintain its fullness and green color.



Reduces Labor and Time Involved


Watering landscapes can be a tiring job, especially if done manually. With sprinklers, however, you can easily program an irrigation system to turn on and off as needed. This reduces the amount of time and labor involved in keeping your lawn lush throughout the summer months.



Mitigates Forgetfulness


While you may have the intention to do so, it's unrealistic to expect to remember to water your lawn every few days, especially in periods of extreme heat. With sprinklers, you can rest assured that this chore is taken care of for you while also reviving any dead patches due to lack of water.

Choosing a Good Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler

The lawn sprinkler market is a diverse one, and you're at no shortage of options to consider. So many, that it's easy to feel overwhelmed. If this is your first time, don't worry. While the range of choices available can be confusing, it's also quite easy to narrow down your selection if you know what to look for.



When shopping for sprinklers, quality is the most important factor to consider. It's always worth it to spend a bit more on a higher-end product that will last you longer and provide better performance than cheaper alternatives. Look for products with high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand use and abuse.


Next in line are features such as automatic shutoff, adjustable water pressure, and spray pattern control—all of which are important for an effective irrigation system. Some sprinklers may even come with built-in timers, allowing you to set and forget the watering schedule for your lawn.



Distance is another important factor to consider when picking a sprinkler. If your property is large or you need to cover a big area, it's best to look for models with longer throw distances that can water larger areas with less effort and time.



Last but not least, always keep your budget in mind when shopping for a sprinkler. Thankfully, there are plenty of quality models available at various price points that can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

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Lawn watering is an irrefutable responsibility that every homeowner must take on. How you choose to do so, though, is completely up to you. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line solution that will get the job done for you and without fail, there's no better solution to invest in than a lawn irrigation sprinkler. Start browsing Top Notch Landscaping's wide selection of products today!



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