The Top 5 Sprinkler System Repair Mistakes to Avoid

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Taking care of your sprinkler system is like taking care of your water system to ensure they work well and last a long time.

The best time to check your sprinklers is in the spring when the cold weather is gone. Just like you need to bundle up in winter, your sprinklers also need protection from the cold. If you ignore them, they might not work when you need them to.

There are five essential things to watch out for with your sprinklers. If you see any problems, it's a good idea to ask for help from a special sprinkler repair team. They can fix things and ensure your sprinklers properly water your plants and grass. So, just like you take care of your sprinkler system and go for its repair.

  1. Seasonal Check-ups for Sprinklers

The best time to do this is in the spring when the cold weather is gone. Your sprinklers need some care, too. Winter can be harsh on them, and they might not be ready for action when you need them. So, it's time to ensure they are in their best shape every spring.

  1. Sprinkler Heads in the Right Direction

Your plants won't get enough water if your sprinkler heads aren't in the right direction. Make sure they are spraying where they should.

  1. Not Checking Underground Pipes

Some people do not check the underground pipes and ignore their conditions. It makes your pipes leaky. So, you must look for any signs of trouble, like leaks or damage.

  1. Valves

Users do not bother checking conditions of the valves. It destroys your sprinklers quickly. So, if they are not working well, your sprinklers won't either. Check them regularly for any issues.

  1. Not Adjusting for the Perfect Spray

Adjust them to ensure they spray water evenly, just like a good toy that works perfectly.

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Sprinkler System Controller Settings – The Brain of the Operation

The controller notifies your sprinklers when and how much to water. Ensure it's set up correctly, or your plants might get too much or too little water.

Get a Helping Hand

While you can try to fix your toys yourself, sometimes it's better to ask for help. The same goes for your sprinklers. If you see any problems, call a special sprinkler repair team to ensure everything works perfectly. 

Ignoring Tiny Water Leaks

Most people ignore tiny leaks. If a minor leakage of water sprinkler heads will pass unnoticed, yet these small leaks can seriously affect your landscape and enhance your water bill.

Locating and Correcting Damaged Sprinkler Heads

It is challenging and time-consuming to identify damaged sprinkler heads after locating the tape.

Identifying Damaged Sprinkler Heads

When sprinkler heads are broken, immediate action is needed, and a specialist firm should be called to work on leaks caused by lawnmower blade cuts or car run overs. The damage from strong-jawed animals only complicates the craps.

Regular Checks for Proper Watering


Taking active measures includes walking to each sprinkler head while operating the system. Ensure they are watering right, and always be careful about broken seals; otherwise, the damaged seal deteriorates each year if no reseal occurs.


Consequences of Ignoring Broken Seals


As a result of time, broken sealage may lead to even graver complications; therefore, more water will be lost. This might result in elongating the irrigation period in irrigation zones or the formation of dead spots on your lawn.


A significant detail of keeping the system running is cleaning the sprinkler heads, which can take time. Routine surveys for any damage should be carried out, and the nozzle should be replaced if reported there.


Avoid to Hire Professional Assistance


Suppose the problem is more comprehensive than replacing individual control heads. In that case, you may seek professional help, which can handle more severe issues and keep your sprinkler system in working condition over a more extended period.

Not Identifying the Broken Pipes

The damaged piping is the most significant cause of wastage in a harmful sprinkler. This problem often causes sprinkler head area and damage to pavement, yard concrete or road cover, and between $50 -$100 per month in increased water bills.

Not Knowing the Impact of Broken Pipes

Limping vessels and broken pipes can be dangerous. Evaporative loss results from broken pipes or other problems in the sprinkler system that cause improper delivery to plants and trees, causing water flow disruption. Using repairs, water is kept from traveling randomly under the surface or drilling puddles in the lawn.

Diverse and high forms of water waste Depend on the size and location of the break. The water wastage depends on whether the leak is in a small room or big and how far from the source of supply it occurs. Since it is required to identify whether the breakage lies in the mainline piping or a zone pipe, determining if the leak persists 24/7 or only when activity running across it is addressed.

Continuous vs. Intermittent Leaks

Continuous leakage may also result from the breakage of mainliner pipes unless sufficient measures are implemented to prevent water from coming back into the water supply, such as shutting off water for repairs. In contrast, the only time zone line breaks leak is if the supplied locality is in an uncontrolled zone.

Weak spots in the garden can be a sign of a ruptured pipe. Alternatively, placing caps on sprinkler heads to block water flow and monitoring subsequent leakage when all zones are activated is a realistic approach for tracking the flaw.

Efficacious Repair Tactics and Professional Help

After recognition of a fracture in the pipe, one is required to dig and repair it. Professional assistance ensures that the causes of this phenomenon are addressed in a detailed and proper way. Their skills guarantee a hygienic and efficient restoration of the sprinkler that manfully functions once more.

Not Knowing Sprinkler System Repair Challenges

As for the sprinkler system repairs, these cases remain unnoticed over months, especially in winter. Some dormancy results, including light effects, burst pipers, overloads or any other similar combination, may remain unseen if the system doesn’t produce its activity in springtime.

Malfunctioning valve wires or even malfunctioning valves themselves might thus be left unreported till the first eight ‘Disir’ warnings. Inattentiveness towards these minor issues may increase more significant problems in future. Risks for screws, valves, and wiring include lightning strikes, accidental piercing, aerating impact or worn-out wires.

  • Performance of Seriously Damaged Sprinkler Systems

    One exciting incident during a lightning storm in one of the cities in Utah provides evidence for this, as no man would ever have expected this. The lightning prevented through the controller and boiled the water kept in piping, which burst through grasses-his rarity such repair.

    Regarding such unforeseen events, there is no other way out. This can be done by involving professionals. In requiring the above mentioned discussions, this case used an emergency sprinkler repair service to offer a timely response following lightning damage.

Our Recommendation

Maintaining your sprinkler system is as important as maintaining your water system to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. It is advisable to inspect your sprinklers in the spring season, once the cold weather is gone. Just like you take precautions to keep yourself warm in winters, your sprinklers also require protection from the cold weather. Ignoring their maintenance could lead to unexpected problems when you need them the most.

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