Why Are Orange County CA Landscapes Top Notch?

Top Notch Landscapes  Orange County, CA

Located along the Southwest coast of the great state of California, Orange County is a sprawling, nearly 1,000-square-mile slice of paradise. More than three million Americans call this sunny destination home, while an additional 50 million tourists flock in annually to experience its revered beaches, amusement parks, and cultural landmarks first-hand.


But Orange County, California, is much more than just a sunny beach destination. It's home to some of the most diverse and lively communities in the nation. From bustling cities to quaint towns, the region has lots of lovely places to its name, all of which share gorgeous all-year weather and spectacular scenery.


Residents are privy to a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm to hot summers and mild winters. Drive down any local street and you'll likely spot a palm tree or two, if not one of several fruit bushes and trees that produce flavorful oranges, lemons, avocados, and more.


The homes of Orange County, California vary in size and architectural style. Some have been built on small lots, while others boast massive amounts of greenspace to frolic through. In either case, property owners are very ingenious in making use of every square foot they have.


Colorful flowerbeds, serene water features, and upscale lighting make every home feel like a luxurious oasis.

The Value of Good Landscaping

Regardless of whether you're located in Orange County, California, or Akron, Ohio, the value of good landscaping holds high across the board. American homes have long turned to yard design as a means of enhancing the value of their property without major renovations; even a small - but well-designed - greenscape can make a big difference to potential buyers. It's all about a space's ambiance in real estate. California's year-round warmth makes exteriors just as important as any interior part of the house.



Do You Need Yard Irrigation In Orange County?

Fun fact: The average summertime temperature in Orange County, California, is over 84°F. Another fun fact? Plants don't survive that kind of heat without some help. Dought is a serious problem across the Sunshine State, plaguing homeowners with the realities of dry bushes, wilted flower beds, and yellow lawns should they not have a proper irrigation system in place. Just like a car or home insurance policy, a solid network of sprinklers and pipes can protect beautiful landscapes from unforeseen - or in the case of California, probable - loss.

Drought Resistant Landscaping

Drought-resistant landscaping is the modern homeowner's solution to a changing climate. Longer, hotter summers with few breaks in between for rain predispose yards to dry out, while California is especially susceptible to weeks and even months-long periods of drought. Planning ahead when designing your landscape with this strategy can mean saving an untold amount of frustration, time, and ever-scarce water down the road.


But what exactly is drought-resistant landscaping?


Put simply, drought-resistant landscaping is an approach to gardening and landscape design that takes into account the amount of water needed for plants to thrive in hot, dry climates. It uses native plants and other varieties bred specially for their low-water needs, and it relies on creative techniques to ensure that plants are able to get the most out of whatever water is available.


Even if you have a good irrigation system in place or your area falls under a moderate drought, having drought-resistant landscaping in place can help reduce water waste and conserve resources. Drought-tolerant plants also require less oversight and maintenance than traditional varieties, saving you time and effort on things like fertilizing and watering.


Our Drought Resistant Landscaping Tips for Orange County Residents

Orange County, California homeowners aren't without options when it comes to landscaping in this particularly dry region. The following tips can help you create an attractive, sustainable landscape that can withstand the arid climate in spite of less-than-ideal conditions.


  1. Choose Drought-Resistant Plants: Some plants naturally require less water than others, making them ideal choices to include in your drought-resistant landscape. Some of our top picks for Orange County include agave, aloe, yucca, and most varieties of succulents.

  2. Install Drip Irrigation: Traditional sprinklers are one of the biggest water wasters in landscaping, so consider investing in a drip irrigation system. These systems are designed to slowly release moisture directly into the roots of your plants and can dramatically reduce water use.

  3. Use Mulch: Mulch can be an incredibly effective tool for conserving water in your landscape. Spread a layer of mulch around your plants to help the soil retain moisture and protect against evaporation.

  4. Relax Your Lawn: Many people assume that their lawns need to be watered thoroughly multiple times a week, but this is rarely the case. Let your grass go dormant in the summer months and resume regular watering once rain returns.Our Drought Resistant Landscaping Tips for Orange County Residents

Orange County Communities With Top Notch Landscapes


Despite the conditions they face, Orange County landscapes are known for being among the most beautiful in all of the United States. The reason for that is simple - Top Notch. We've been here for over a decade because our work speaks for itself. Offering a broad selection of yard irrigation and lighting products alongside unrivaled industry expertise, the Top Notch team is a trustworthy name property owners from across Orange County can turn to for reliable help.

Our most commonly served communities include:


Laguna Hills

The city of Laguna Hills is located in Southern California, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. It has a population of 31,000 people and is known for its excellent schools, beautiful parks, great shopping and dining experiences.


The city has a history of being one of the first cities in Orange County to develop its own master plan for development. This plan helped define Laguna Hills’ residential, industrial, and commercial growth. Today, Laguna Hills is one of the most desirable places to live in Orange County.


One of the biggest attractions in Laguna Hills is its abundance of parks and trails, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as walking, biking or simply enjoying the scenery. We've seen homeowners in this community do all sorts of creative things with their yards, from vegetable gardens to stunning rock walls.


Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is home to over 100,000 people, yet it's been named among America's safest cities.


A location near the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains offers a unique mix of suburban living with access to plenty of activities.


Mission Viejo is home to more than 20 parks, plenty of bike trails, and a variety of shopping centers. Residents also enjoy easy access to the city's popular lakefront area with its beach-like atmosphere.


The community's neighborhoods share visual characteristics like Mediterranean-style architecture and tree-lined streets. Mission Viejo has a pleasant climate year-round, making it an ideal spot for big showcases of greenery.


Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel gets its name from the Spanish word for 'lagoon'. That makes sense considering the abundance of water features in the city—there are nearly 50 lakes and ponds, plus miles of streams.


The community is home to a few different landmarks, including Niguel Botanical Preserve and Laguna Niguel Regional Park. The latter offers lots of hiking, biking, and rolling hills for walking.


Residents go all-out with their yards here by investing in custom outdoor living spaces. That could involve anything from a simple patio to an elaborate pool and cabana set-up with full landscaping. The area is particularly well known for fragrant foliage, which includes plants like White Sage, Wooly Blue Curls, and Cleveland Sage.


Dana Point

Defined by lively blue beaches, marinas, and picturesque cliffs, Dana Point is a stunning destination right on the coast of Southern California. The city has miles of shoreline and countless parks to explore, plus a downtown area filled with boutiques, dining establishments, and entertainment venues.


Many of the larger homes in Dana Point make a point of showing off their gorgeous architecture and lush front yards with intricate landscape lighting setups.


Coto De Caza

Being a guard-gated private community, one could only assume that Coto De Caza has a lot to protect. And it's true - behind the exclusive entry points awaits acres of beautiful homes with manicured lawns and gardens, all surrounded by a nature preserve.


Residents in this area are known for taking it up a notch with their outdoor spaces, often opting for elaborate decks and patios featuring private pools and cabanas. Landscaping in Coto De Caza is also an art form unto itself, with well-maintained pathways winding through gardens filled with colorful flowers and shrubs.


Laguna Beach

Nestled between hidden coves and majestic canyons, Laguna Beach is the epitome of beauty. From its picturesque beaches and coves to its quaint street lined with art galleries and upscale restaurants, this vibrant seaside community has long been a premier destination for those seeking the best of what Southern California has to offer.


We love the area's spread of landscaping options, featuring lush tropical plants and succulents that thrive in the balmy climate. Of course, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in California, you can't go wrong with a few well-placed palm trees for an added touch of beach front charm.

Orange County Communities With Top Notch Landscapes

The Top Notch Difference

Top Notch isn't your average irrigation and landscape lighting provider. Amidst a large sea of brands that all claim to be the best, we actually prove it.

Here's a look at just a few of the many ways our business sets itself apart from the rest:



A Product for Every Property

A selection as diverse as Orange County itself enables us to support homeowners and landscape designers as they realize all sorts of outdoor ambitions. Top Notch carries a broad offering of irrigation systems, automated watering controllers, pump stations, solar lighting fixtures, and so much more. You could easily spend hours getting lost in the large catalog of products to be found on our site.


Stock is always kept up-to-date, and if there is ever a product you need that we don't have, our team will keep a lookout until it's available.



Professional-Grade Quality

Despite being large in scope, there's no doubt about the fact that our product offerings here at Top Notch are of the highest quality. We put time into designing, researching, and sourcing the absolute best parts available on the market today. Count on industry-certified machinery, strong building materials, and reliable components for all of your projects. We're so confident in the integrity of our products that we back them with comprehensive warranties and a flexible return policy. No other Orange County landscape brand comes close to delivering the peace of mind Top Notch does to its customers.



Affordable Prices

Although you will always get what you pay for at Top Notch, don't ever expect to pay more than you should. We aren't in this for mass profit - rather, a genuine passion for helping our customers get the job done right. That's why we offer competitive prices and frequent discounts to make sure you can access top-notch products without breaking your budget.



Over 20+ Years of Experience

High-quality parts and great design aside, there's one thing that money can't buy you at the average landscaping store: experience. The people selling you sprinkler heads and drip systems should be just as knowledgeable as the engineers designing them. That's what makes Top Notch so unique. Our team has been in the business for over 20+ years, and we know our products inside out. We're here to help you get your project done right - not just sell you stuff.



More Than Just Irrigation

Every California property needs a good irrigation system in place to look good throughout the summer's daytime heat. But what about at night? We'd argue that it's the perfect opportunity to showcase the fruits of your investment. Landscape lighting is a great way to tie it all together, and Top Notch Landscaping is the perfect place for you to find high-quality products. From accent lights to spotlights and everything in between, we have your outdoor lighting needs covered!

Top Notch Landscaping offers top-of-the-line products for your outdoor irrigation and lighting needs. With our expertise and your eye for design, there's no limit to what's possible. So what are you waiting for? Our universe of options awaits - start exploring today!


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